Leland and Gray

Procedures for Selecting “Public School Choice” Students – High School Only

In compliance with the

Public High School Choice Law, 16 VSA 822a (c)


Leland and Gray accepts up to 20 students who are in grades 9-12 to attend free of charge. These students reside in towns that do not have school choice and would not pay tuition to attend L&G. In addition, L&G permits up to 24 high school students to transfer to another school, in compliance with the state-mandated minimum, and based on 2012-13 enrollment figures.

Additional students who want to attend Leland and Gray, but who are not accepted through the Public School Choice law due to the established limit of 20 choice students, may choose to pay tuition at the annual rate and be admitted to Leland and Gray.


    1. The principal advertises the opportunity for students from incoming grades 9-12 to attend Leland and Gray by posting information on the school website and distributing letters and application forms to L&G middle school parents/guardians from non-union towns that do not have school choice. This process begins in January each year.
    2. Students who would like to enroll at Leland and Gray through the Public School Choice process must submit a completed application form, which is found on the school website and the main office. The due date is March 1st.
    3. Students who already attend Leland and Gray High School through the Public School Choice process may attend the following year without reapplying.
    4. Applicants who have siblings currently enrolled at Leland and Gray do not have priority enrollment. Preferential acceptance will be given to students who had previously applied but were not admitted.
    5. The principal collects school choice applications until the application due date, March 1st.
    6. By March 5th, the principal reviews the applications. If these exceed 20, a lottery is created to select all new applicants. Current choice students are not entered in the lottery, as they have priority admission.
    7. The principal will notify all applicants their admission status by mail no later than April 1st.
    8. Students must accept the transfer by April 15th in order to enroll at Leland and Gray. Students who do not meet this deadline are dropped from enrollment. If needed, a lottery will be held of the remaining applicants to fill any newly vacant spots.
    9. Each year the registrar will maintain records of all applicants in order to track enrollment and determine priority students, such as those already attending or those who have previously applied but were not admitted.

Contact Persons:

Dorinne Dorfman, Principal, and Mary Martin, Registrar, at 365-7355 or mmartin@lelandandgray.org