Vermont School Choice Application

School Choice Application (PDF)

To Student and Parents/Guardians:  Please complete the information below and submit to your high school principal. The principal will forward the application to the school indicated. That school will then process the application and let you know if your application was accepted.
Due Dates: 
1. Applications for transfer to another school are due to current school district through Feb. 14.
2. Applications to receiving school by March 1.
3. Notification of acceptance takes place by April 1.
4. Student must accept transfer by April 15.

Student Name:  _________________________________________    Date:  _____________

Address:  ______________________________________________    DOB:  _____________


Legal Town of Residence:  ________________________________ Phone:  ______________

Parent/Guardian’s Name #1 (please print) ______________________Work Phone: __________

Parent/Guardian’s Name #2 (please print) _____________________  Work Phone: __________

Name of School Currently Attending:  ____________________________________________

I would like to attend the following school for the 20__ - 20__ school year:

Name of High School:  ________________________________________________________

Entering Grade:  _______________________

Student Signature:  ________________________________            _____  Date:  ________________

Parent Signature:  ______________________________________   Date:  ________________

Sending School Principal Signature:  _______________________   Date:  ________________

Principal Signature:  ____________________________________   Date:  ________________

(Principal to forward copy of application to principal of the school of choice.)

To be Completed by the Principal of the School of Choice

_____ Student has been accepted as a Choice Student for 20__ school year in grade ___.
_____ Student has not been accepted as a Choice Student for the following reason:

Principal Signature: ____________________________________    Date:   ________________

(School of choice principal to send copy to: student/parents/home school principal)