Brendan Connor


Journey East 2000

Hamilton College

Brendan Connor

“I graduated from Hamilton in 2006 without any career prospects in particular. I landed a position with an investment firm. The Chinese stock market was up 70%, they were taking over the world, and “this kid speaks Chinese” - hired. I had zero qualifications.

My experience with Journey East leveraged me directly into studying a language that, not coincidentally, led me to where I am today, a partner and the Director of Research at Hillview Capital Advisors  in NYC.  

The fact that I spoke Chinese at the time at which I did enabled me to take on a terrific level of responsibility within our organization. The impact of China on the global economy, financial markets, the environment, the list goes on… is and will be a major factor in the world, for better or worse.

I'm amazed by the breadth of the program's impact in the community, and particularly on the curriculum available to students. It's awesome. Kids learning Mandarin at L&G today are going to be competitive with kids studying at private schools in New York spending $40,000 on tuition. The return on investment for this program is phenomenal. It was my privilege to participate when I did, and hopefully more students will have the same opportunity.”