Journey East Documentary Project - Sneak Peek

In October of 2013, three Leland and Gray students, Alana Redden, Giannina Gaspero-Beckstrom and Fraser Query, embarked on a ten-month project to make a documentary.  The film is about Journey East's impact on the West River Valley, its alumni and Journey East's counterparts in China. This project is a tribute to Leland and Gray's one-of-a-kind Sino-American arts exchange program, in which over 200 local students have participated.

A large portion of the documentary was filmed in China, capturing Journey East participants’ unique experiences while touring and performing in the country. The film will feature interviews with Journey East founders, teachers, alumni, and collaborators from both the United States and China. It will also explain the history of the program and show footage from previous delegations. The film will be shared with other high schools in the region an effort to promote the establishment of similar cross-cultural exchange programs.


This clip, ( ) edited by Fraser Query, is a preview of the completed film coming this August! Please keep an eye out for an announcement regarding a public showing at the Latchis Theater.

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