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Refuse to Use

Leland and Gray students (Grades 6-12) who wish to participate in Refuse to Use and their parent, guardian or a caring adult must attend a Kick-Off Event.

Contact West River Valley Thrives with questions/concerns. (802) 365-4700



West River Valley Thrives has a grant to subsidize the $50.00 Stratton Refuse To Use Pass.  The first 65 Leland and Gray registrations will benefit from the grant.  Passes are $35.00 for the first 65 registrations.  Pay by check made out to West River Valley Thrives. At this time, all registrants should pay the $35.00 fee.  When registration closes, Thrives will let you know if you did not receive the subsidy.    Does your family need more Refuse To Use scholarship money?  ALL REGISTRANTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO FILL OUT THE COLLABORATIVE'S SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION (found on the registration form).

RTU Kick off 2019