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Junior Iron Chef Competition

jr iron chef 2016So very proud of the Junior Iron Chefs! While they did not come home with an award, they did an excellent job! I kept telling them that my cheeks hurt, because I was smiling so much, due to how proud I am for them!

If you see any of them, please congratulate them. They are all winners in my eyes!










High school

From left to right: Ida Robertshaw, Nastia Stevens, Kaylah Jacobs, Greg Stolpp, and Austin Morse.
Food: homemade pasta with ratatouille.

jr iron chef 2016


Middle school

From left to right: Savannah Lawley, Christian Cannella, Alice Coyne (bent over table), Aubrey Goodband.
Food: Spanish rice with vegetable ceviche topped with guacamole.

jr iron chef 2016 2