Leland & Gray Students Present to Vermont House Education Committee

Leland and Gray VTHEC PresentersSenior Ashley Hescock and freshmen Kaylah Jacobs and Jessop Burrow presented to the Vermont House Education Committee on February 18th as part of a daylong awareness campaign on the value of after-school programs. Accompanied by parents and Windham Central after-school program director Thara Fuller, our students eloquently described their learning experiences in LGTV, peer tutoring, Civic Leadership Education and Action, Junior Iron Chef, and other HEY programs. They explained how these firsthand experiences opened their eyes to career pathways they otherwise would not have considered. Ms. Fuller passionately articulated the achievements of after-school programs and described the dangers facing youth when unsupervised and disengaged from healthy activities from 3-6pm. Completing the presentation was Holly Morehouse of Vermont Afterschool, Inc. who requested $2.5 million of annual funding, which is just half the amount needed to sustain current after-school programs and reach the nearly 25% of Vermont youth currently without such programs. 

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