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School Profile: Leland & Gray Rebel Garden Taking Root Soon!

When the ground thaws this spring, a re-sited, expanded and vibrant garden will be taking root at Leland & Gray near the athletic fields. Thanks to the dedication and advocacy of one very industrious and creative student, the new garden will be situated with great sunlight and access to a water source nearby. The site will feature student-made benches and artwork. Thank you, Onaia, and all who are supporting her efforts. We look forward to seeing the garden thrive!

Original poem & photo submitted by Leland & Gray sophomore, Onaialee Archer.

Onaialee GardenGarden

I think of this process,

The  way everything will come out In the end.

I think of the delicious foods that will be grown.

I think of the endless research and how it was all worth it.

How it may not be finished but I can see the picture in my mind...

Excitement flows through my body as I think of all these things.

The confusion that once was in my eyes,

The happiness now in my smile.

This is what they told me I'd feel; this is what I thought I would not.

This is how I can tell that this was an experience I will never forget.