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HEY! Afterschool Programs

hey afterschoolThe HEY! afterschool program of LGUMHS this year added a new set of programs focused on career preparation, kick-started by $11,500 grant from the Thomas Thompson Trust.  At a special reception on October 20th, state legislators and schoolboard members heard four student representatives speak about the skills and confidence they gained through HEY programs and how these experiences are helping shape their goals for life after graduation. Emily Long, schoolboard member and state representative, opened the event with this quote from John Dewey, icon of progressive education:  “Education is, not a preparation for life; education is life itself.”  Her colleagues in the audience included state senators Becca Balint and Jeanette White.

Senator White praised the student speakers afterward, “I was so impressed with the poise, level of articulation, and the projects of the students.”

Senior Ashley Hescock spoke about spending three years as a HEY! Student Counselor assisting in the afterschool programs in the elementary programs. “Being a counselor taught me patience, persistence and appreciation,” she said.

Freshman Kaylah Jacobs described how working as a math tutor in HEY! Help helped her refine her career goals.  Tutoring gave her perspective on the challenges of teaching and helped her realize she would like to apply her mathematical skills in the business field.

Nastia Stevens (sophomore) recounted the long list of programs she has participated in, contrasting this abundance with the scarcity of opportunities in Russia, where she spent her early childhood--and even in her previous school in the US where a lottery determined who could participate in afterschool programs.

Jessop Burrow, freshman, spoke about the power of friendship and acceptance: “I now realize that the HEY! Programs… have taught me that it’s okay to be yourself no matter how goofy, serious, or different you are. I look forward to finding more accepting HEY! programs and making new friends that will help me along the road of life, and I also look forward to seeing the younger students grow and find themselves like I have.”

The new Career Initiative will add to an already strong afterschool program, building on the strengths of high participation rates (75% of the student body) and dedicated teachers from within and beyond the school.  Local professionals in fields such as healthcare, audiovisual production, architecture, carpentry farming and photography will partner with Leland and Gray staff to present workshops.

For the latest on upcoming Career Initiative workshops, contact Dale Stevens, HEY! Site Coordinator at dbstevens@lelandandgray.org and stop by the HEY! bulletin board outside the activities room on C level.