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Race Car Driver Speaks at Leland and Gray on Road Safety


By Karren Meyer, Driver Education Teacher

ANDY Pic2 2015America’s roads are becoming more and more dangerous, especially for new drivers. Distracted driving has become the number one cause of teen motor vehicle crashes (yes, out numbering driving while under the influence). The Vermont Driver and Traffic Safety Association and driver education teachers are taking a big step to help change things for the better.

During the week of Sept 21-25, 2015, maverick traffic safety expert and professional race car driver Andy Pilgrim will tour Vermont and speak to high school students and their parents/guardians. On Monday, September 21st, Andy will present at Leland and Gray in Townshend at 9:15am to 10th-12th graders and at 6pm to all gr. 7-12 students and parents. All adults attending the presentation will receive a complimentary copy of the DVD, The Parent Driving Zone. Andy describes the DVD as “the essential driving information all parents need to know.” Parents and students from all area high schools and towns are invited to the 6pm presentation on Sept. 21st.

Originally from the UK and calling Boca Raton, Florida home since becoming a United States citizen in 1998, Andy Pilgrim has been a professional race car driver for 30 years. Andy has won five championships and sixty-four races so far in his professional racing career. For the 2015 racing season, Andy continues as a professional driver for GM Racing's Team Cadillac.

In 2008, Andy created The Andy Pilgrim Foundation and the Traffic Education Safety Foundation. The mission of both foundations is to educate new drivers, parents, and all adults about the deadly consequences associated with distracted driving.  He is the leading force in bringing attention to the critical role parents play in their children’s driving education. Most parents never think about the fact that driver education starts the moment they turn the child safety seat around to face front. Andy says he is very much looking forward to talking to Vermont parents and students. Leland and Gray is his only stop in southern Vermont.