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Journey East’s English Language and Culture Camp Thanks Counselors and Host Families

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This July Chinese students and teachers joined the Leland and Gray community for nearly two weeks of intercultural activities with high school students, graduates, and local families. Now in the sixth year and led by Tom and Jen Connor, students thrived in the bucolic surroundings, seeing stars and swimming in a lake for the first time. Teachers Bill Conley and Bruce Whitman engaged kids in communication games and science labs to practice their English, expand their creativity, and learn from the natural world.

Only with involvement of our terrific counselors, who showed our guests how to play and learn together with joy, our Chinese guests fully grasped the delightful character of Vermont. Our counselors included Corso Donati, Gianania Gespero-Bestrom, Sarah Andersen, Adam Culver, Rebecca Williams, Sam Thibault, Mariah Hazard, Isabella Schmidt, and Avery White.

The generosity of our host families provided the nurturing and caring that our Chinese guests needed to feel at home. At the closing event on July 18th, the students announced to their host parents, “Mom and Dad, I love you and I will never forget you.” Our families included Kevin Burke and Jenna Konesko, Kathy and John Andersen, Joe and Nacy Winrich, Moss and Elizabeth Linder, Lois Thibault, Susan and Charlie Daigneault, Laura and Keith Hazard, Teresa and Keith Williams, Brian and Maija Schmidt, Jason and Heather Sperling, Rick Jones and Carol Bailey, Ellen and Jim Peters, Laurel and Mitch Cashman, Melany and Bill Nupp, Pete and Beth McDonald, and Lucas and Tammy Bates.

Thank you, Leland and Gray families and students, for all you have done to enrich the lives of youth from across the globe, and thereby enhancing the vibrancy of our own hometown as well.