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Leland & Gray • Social Studies Geography • Summer Work

A well-informed citizen has strong geographic knowledge.  L&G students entering grades 7 through 11 need to take the time this summer to learn the countries and landforms of the continents and/or regions listed for the social studies course or courses which they will be taking during the next school year.  When students start the course in August or January, they will be tested on their knowledge of the regions.  If students come across vocabulary (e.g., ice shelf) or names of regions (e.g., Patagonia) that they are unfamiliar with, they should research them for definitions.

Geography packets have been mailed home, though students can access their assignments at these links:

Overview -

Grade 8 Early American History -

Grade 9 Global Studies -

Grade 10 European History -

Grade 11 United States History and AP US History -