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'Beowulf's Last Battle' by Susie Francy, Played by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra

December 23, 2013


Dorinne Dorfman, Principal of Leland and Gray Union Middle and High School

SFrancy     Leland and Gray sophomore Susie Francy will listen to members of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra play her original composition, “Beowulf’s Last Battle” at the State House on January 22, 2014. Asked about the title of the four-minute, thirty-second piece, fifteen-year-old Susie said, “I was inspired by reading Beowulf in English class.” She expressed her gratitude towards her music teacher, Mr. Ron Kelley, for introducing her to the annual student Opus Competition held by Vermont Music-COMP (formerly the MIDI project). VMP’s mission is to encourage and support students in composing and arranging music, as Susie has done. Professional composers, teachers, and students engage in mentoring and online discussion of student work, culminating in exemplary student compositions posted on their website: http://www.vtmidi.org.


A link to the performance: