Traditional Fine Woodworking/Hand Woodworking


1 credit
Grades 9-12  Elective credit

woodworking1This course provides students with a foundation in the fundamentals of hand tool woodworking. From understanding wood as a resource and developing hand tool skills to creating designs and scale drawings, students develop the means to complete self-directed projects. No prior experience is required, and students may repeat the course for additional credit by engaging in more challenging projects.


Fine Woodworking Apprenticeship

Credits by arrangement
Grades 9-12    Elective credit
Prerequisite(s): Hand Woodworking

woodworking2This program is designed for students who have a serious interest in woodworking. Upon completion of the program, students will have completed close to 1000 hours of instruction and guided self-directed work. In addition to joinery and furniture construction, students learn furniture repair and antique restoration. Apprenticeship students are required to keep a detailed journal that explicitly and methodically details all of the woodworking skills learned. Upon completion of the program, students will have a sound foundation in hand tool use and maintenance, a portfolio of their crafted pieces and writing, an exhibition of their work that is juried by woodworkers from the community, and a Fine Woodworking Apprenticeship certificate of completion.