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Article I. Introduction

            The undersigned school district designees, having been duly authorized by their respective school boards, hereby enter in the following agreement to initiate the following school choice program for high school students in Vermont in accordance with the terms and conditions contained herein as required by School Choice law, 16 V.S.A. 1622.

Article II. Purpose

            It is the purpose of this agreement, through the offering of public school choice to high school students in Vermont, to study and evaluate public school choice, and to provide optional learning opportunities for students.

Article III. Definitions

  1. A."Choice", for the purposes of these articles of agreement, means the limited selection of public schools in Vermont for students who presently reside in a school district that maintains a high school or belongs to a union high school district and do not have public school choice.
  2. B."High School", for the purposes of these articles of agreement means grades 9-12.
  3. C."Sending district", for the purposes of these articles of agreement, means the school district to which students would otherwise be entitled to attend.
  4. D."Receiving district", for the purposes of these articles of agreement, means the school district chosen by participating students.
  5. E."ADM", for the purposes of these articles of agreement, means the Average Daily Membership computation in the state aid to education formula.
  6. F."Excess costs", means special education costs and 504 costs incurred by a district in providing special education services to nonresident students participating in school choice under this agreement. The intent of this agreement is to apply to this school choice collaborative the definition of excess costs and process for charging excess costs contained in 16 V.S.A. § 826(c) and Vermont State School Board of Education regulations promulgated pursuant thereto.
  7. G."Capacity" for each district will be determined annually considering the guidelines developed by the Commissioner of Education. The capacity for each district is noted below.

Article IV. Implementation of Public School Choice Program

  1. A.Transferring Out: Each participating high school board shall permit no fewer than ten (10) students or 5% or whichever is fewer in any subsequent years to attend other participating high schools. The above percentages are based on the Average Daily Enrollment for the previous year.
  2. B.Transferring In: Each participating high school board shall, at its discretion, decide how many students it will accept and for which specific grades, and will announce any limitations due to limited capacity to accept students by April 1 of each year applicable to this agreement. Each School or Union District participating in this agreement will individually develop and announce limitations due to limited capacity.
  3. C.Except with respect to students eligible for special education requiring the expenditure of excess costs, no transfer of funds shall be involved with the implementation of the public school choice program. Each sending district shall count toward its ADM its own resident students who choose to attend other participating schools. For the purpose of determining net cost per pupil, choice students are not to be counted by the receiving high school.
  4. D.Each student who transfers to another participating high school unless expelled in accordance with receiving school's policy and federal and state law, shall be guaranteed enrollment in that high school until graduation regardless of the continuing participation of either the sending or the receiving district.

E.   Each student is in good standing at the school or schools most recently attended. Good standing shall be demonstrated when the applicant shows:

  • that he or she has not been legally dismissed or suspended for more than ten days during the preceding twelve months for disciplinary reasons, and
  • that he or she is making satisfactory progress toward the completion of an approved school or home study program, and
  • that his or her school attendance record presents a reasonable likelihood that any existing attendance requirements of this school district will be met.
  1. F.Students will generally be accepted at the beginning of the school year, and subsequently only with specific approval of the superintendent.
  2. G.A student's initial eligibility for athletic and other extra-curricular programs shall be governed by the eligibility policy of the sending district for the first quarter. Regaining eligibility will be according to the receiving school district's policy.

Article V. Transportation

            Nothing herein affects existing transportation policies of the participating school districts. Unless otherwise required by law, each participating district retains the discretion to provide or not provide transportation to choice students.

Article VI. Application Procedures and Notification Dates

  1. A.Applications from students to transfer in or out of a school will be accepted through February 14 of the school year preceding the school year for which the student is applying.
  2. B.Notification to the student of acceptance or rejection of the application will take place by April 1 of the school year preceding the school year for which the student is applying.
  3. C.Students must notify the sending and receiving schools of a decision to enter the receiving school district by April 15 of the school year preceding the school year for which the student has applied. Following notification, the student may enter a school other than the receiving school only if the student, receiving school, and the school to which the student wishes to transfer agree. However, if the student becomes a resident of a different school district, the student may enroll in the school of the new district of residence at the time of the move.
  4. D.If a student notifies the school of residence by July 15 of the intent to return to that school the following year, a student enrolled in a public high school in a receiving district shall be permitted to return to the public high school in the district of residence without acquiring agreement of the receiving district and the sending district.

Article VII. Selection of Students to Participate

  1. A.Applications for transfer in or out of a school will be accepted through February 14. If the number of applications received at that time, for either transfer out or in or both, exceed the available slots, the following will occur. A number will be assigned to all applications eligible for consideration. Those numbers will be drawn from a container until the available slots are filled, and those students will be accepted for transfer.
  2. B.The capacity of high schools to receive students from other schools may include limits based on the capacity of programs, class, grade, school building or measurable adverse financial impact.
  3. C.Each school participating in the school choice program will publish the number of students that will be allowed to transfer in or out of the school by February 1 of the school year preceding the school year for which the student is applying.

Article VIII. Amendment and Discussion

  1. A.The provisions of Articles IV. B. and IV. C. shall not be amended or dissolved with respect to students who have already exercised the choice to attend another participating school.

Agreed to and duly authorized by:

__________________________________                                        ______________________

School District Designee                                                                                   Date


School District


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