Five Professional Standards for Educators

In 2003, the Vermont Standards Board of Professional Educators adopted the following standards for all Vermont educators. All faculty members address these standards in the Individual Professional Development Plan as well as participants in school improvement efforts.

    1. Learning (Expertise in the Endorsement Area): Each Vermont educator is knowledgeable about the standards for his/her professional endorsement(s). Each educator continues to acquire new learning in the content of his/her endorsement(s) and reflects this new learning in professional practice.
    2. Professional Knowledge (Methodology and Pedagogy): Each Vermont educator continues to acquire knowledge in best practices in teaching and the learning process, so as to improve Learning Opportunities for all students.
    3. Colleagueship: Each Vermont educator works collaboratively with colleagues at local, state, and/or national levels to improve student learning through implementation of national professional standards, Vermont’s Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities, district goals, and school goals and/or action plans.
    4. Advocacy: Each Vermont educator works to improve the educational health of Vermont learners, and promotes fairness and equity for all students and members of the educational community. The educator engages the family and the community in partnerships to promote student learning.
    5. Accountability: Each Vermont educator carries out professional responsibilities ethically. Each educator demonstrates professional growth over time in each of the Five Standards for Vermont Educators and in the competencies for his/her endorsement(s). This growth is documented through a professional portfolio that includes evidence of rigorous professional development, reflective practice, and adaptation of practice to improve student learning. In addition, a portion of each educator’s IPDP and professional portfolio is connected to his/her school’s initiatives for improving student learning.