Thank You, Leland and Gray!

This has been a fantastic year of student growth in academics, athletics, and the arts. Parents, guardians, and community members have come out in force to support their children’s learning by attending countless events and voting at the ballot box. On behalf of the school administration, I would like to thank the marvelous teachers who form L&G’s brilliant, caring, and often very funny faculty. Our deepest appreciations go to the staff, who support students behind the scenes and keep our building and grounds in the best possible shape. We also thank the Windham Central personnel who manage Special Education and Information Technology programs at our school, fully committed to high-quality learning every day. Last and the best, thank you, L&G students, for a wonderful time day after day, as you grow into the leaders of tomorrow. Have a great summer, everyone!
All the best,

Dorinne Dorfman